Suffocating Bravery

Overwhelmingly suffocating… That’s the easiest way to describe the feeling. That feeling of trying to deal with typical adult shit while you try to decide how to deal with cancer. This becomes an even better mess when it gets harder and harder to work. There such a hilariously┬ádark joke with the situation. You have to miss work to your life but there isn’t enough PTO to cover it. Every company that needs you to pay a bill doesn’t give a single fuck that you’re dying. So you need to be strong enough to drag yourself to work. There is no secret to that- there is no easy way to go through this trial. These are the moments that you have to grit your teeth and just get it done Some call it bravery and some even call it heroic. There is nothing heroic about this and I don’t feel brave. It’s simply the act of surviving…

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