Journal Poetry – Collection #1

I don’t write a lot of poetry and when I do it’s usually in my journal. The fact is I’m just not very versed in the word gymnastics that it takes. I’m working on it but it’s going to be a long and slow process. Exciting since I’ll be learning nonstop but I should at least have a place to share this progress. Anytime I realize I have more than a few poems down I’ll create a collection post like this one.

Of course please let me know in the comments what you liked and didn’t like. I’ve been shit talked in the worst way by enough 12-year-old children playing multiplayer video games. Trust me when I say I can handle critique since it actually makes sense. But the biggest thing you need to know is how thankful I am that you guys stopped by to even check my stuff out. I’d love to hear from you so use the comments ❤

Staring at the ledge,
do I continue to look down?

It’s not the fall,
but the concrete you bust through
Right before you simply drown

But can’t I just take in the view?
Patiently wait for the waters to rise
Take a smaller leap without the lies

So no the cycle starts again
Keep a smile on the face of the unknown
Striving for a perfect 10
All the while trying not to seem too alone

Never been one to brag
But most of your problems make gag
You talk like you know of struggle
Shit, to me you’re as weak as a muggle

Do not overreach out of greed or pride

If the seed is to grow it cannot be rushed to root
Be patient and let it reach its own perfect stride

Peace, love and finding happiness

She pulses with the emotions
Something that can be felt and not forgotten
Her aura for life is limitless
A fight with her don’t be caught in

Have you ever felt?

Truly and with all your energy
DO I miss the signs of synergy?
Or is this really just the hand I’m dealt

I approach others with hidden distrust
How can I not with my history
Some in my head say it’s my misery
But still I struggle while gathering rust

Her smile, her laugh

Then the way she tells a story
Completely innocent Snaps from a bath
Always hiding signs of worry
Genuine beauty you can’t ignore
Still, know I’ll never hold her tight
Fuck it, I’m still just there for her
Her aura pulls me in more
Everything falls away with her light
Any meaningful time with her is a blur
Life with her could never be a bore

A buried thought almost unreachable

The murder scene of dreams unthinkable
But you must pull these feelings from the dirt
Not to give into disbelief and hurt
Truly believe that dreams are obtainable
Before belief in yourself is questionable

Forbidden, forbidden

So fun it’s a given
Desires beyond comprehension
Bitch, we gonna get more than detention
Can we take it?
Can we handle it?
Maybe with the sun
Or do you prefer the stars and moon
Pure ecstasy can be had soon

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