Intergalactic Impulse

earth space

“Ten minutes remaining before purchase of the planet called “Earth” cannot be reversed.” the planetary merchant announced over the speakers of his space cubicle.

“I bought it, I bought this planet called Earth and how could I be so impulsive? Ugh, I promised myself I wouldn’t make these rookie mistakes. My boss is going to blow an anomaly when he sees the notice. Luckily he’s in the Vop sector and won’t be back for some time. So how do I fix this?” the male alien’s brow furrowed as he contemplated his options.

“8 minutes remaining before purchase of the planet called “Earth” cannot be reversed.” the planetary merchant continued.

“It was a good purchase in the long term,” he asked to his own thoughts, “Right? That planet will play a key point in forwarding our own systems. Not to mention it is still filled with useful resources, even if the primitives on it apparently try their hardest to go through them.”
He continued to ponder his situation since this would make or break his career. It was his job to purchase and bid on planets and sectors in the universe. His goal is to find the best deals that provide immediate strategic advantage or resources to provide his own people’s territories in the vastness of space. This seemingly insignificant blue dot in space is brimming with resources that it’s species, what the planetary merchant called humans, haven’t even discovered yet.

“6 minutes remaining before purchase of the planet called “Earth” cannot be reversed.” the planetary merchant reminded him.

“Why didn’t I wait for the full spec breakdown of this planet and it’s so called deal” he reprimanded himself internally.
He was so excited at the prospect of find such an amazing deal that he hadn’t listened to what all the merchant had to say. The alien began tapping his fingers at random on his front console. Each finger echoing a tiny popping sound as his suction-cup fingertips broke free of the surface. Pop, pop, pop…

“4 minutes remaining before purchase of the planet called “Earth” cannot be reversed.” the planetary merchant’s rang out in his silent cubicle. Pop, pop, pop…

“This could be my chance to show how much of a big-time player I really am!” the alien’s mouth began to curve into a smirk.
Player indeed. Seeing as how he now knows the reasoning for the deal in the first place. He had not remembered either that this Earth was already spoken for. Their biggest rival in the stars had already made claim to Earth in advance. The Planetary Exchange loved playing games with different systems. The low price for such a great deal was because by purchasing Earth we would declare open war on our rivals. They would never allow this purchase to go through without action. The whispers around the galaxy is that we have the better generals so maybe they could win too, which would lead to more opportunities.

“2 minutes remaining before purchase of the planet called “Earth” cannot be reversed.” the planetary merchant said helpfully. Pop, pop, pop…

Of course he knew he was being monitored by someone or at least the automated system. Seeing his possible purchase incoming it would have already started preparing just in case the confirmation was given. Starship fighters would be prepared in case their need was called for. It might have been selected preemptively but the alien was now considering going through with it. Everything points to success in this transaction and it will make him look like a superstar if successful.

“Final 60 seconds to reverse or confirm the purchase of the planet called “Earth.” Please be aware that if no selection is made the purchase will be confirmed by default.” the planetary merchant warned.

The alien didn’t bother waiting for the timer, he had made his decision. With a self glorifying chuckle he calmly pressed the “Confirm” button. He watched the transaction complete on the screen in front of him. His smirk now growing into a wide smile that showed his spiked teeth. He pulled up a livestream monitoring of Earth’s system, it was just as he thought. The alien began to chuckle again as warships from their rival company were already warping. It was already happening as he imagined. In an instant his companies warships materialized in the same system, ready to take care of any counter deal their rival might try. RING! The alien jumped at the sound of his computers displaying an incoming call. He didn’t even get a chance to speak when he answered.

“What have you done!?!” the gruff voice shook with rage over the communications. It was his boss and he was not happy at all and it seemed like the alien was in for a world of lecture.

“It was gonna be a long day at the office.” he thought to himself. Pop, pop, pop…

The topic for this posts flash fiction was…

An impulse buy leading to intergalactic warfare.

This was my first go at this and I think it was too long. It was right over 800 words and that’s getting pretty big. I’ll be shooting for shorter in tomorrow’s challenge. Let me know what you thought in the comments or suggest a flash fiction topic and maybe I’ll use it as my next subject. I’ll be writing a different flash fiction every day for the month of July so plenty of room for requests and suggestions.

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