Dash of Nightlife

The air was thick upon my eyes. It seemed to throb to the beat of the music pulsating through the bar. Colored lights danced to the chip of she music which silhouetted me on the polished floor in front of me. Damn it was hard to see in here.

I bounced my head to the beat. I couldn’t help it.

Why was there always so much smoke in here? I coughed, interrupting my headbanging. I realized I was feet away from the table. The furthest gentlemen noticed me first, he smirked. Did he see my reach from my chest pocket? I was counting on the great smoke mist to help cover me…

“Too busy jamming out, Mikey.” I scolded myself before reaching the table finally.

“Your drinks, big man,” I exclaimed with the best party face I could manage, ”to the very detail!”

“AYYYYYY!” he bellowed. Good, he was already drunk which meant I didn’t have to act as hard.

The glass barely touched the table before he engulfed it in his hand and downed the drink in a blur. I now understood why he ordered 10 at a time now, these were all for him. I placed the next two glasses down at once with a single hand. The drowning music with the dancing of smoke and colors hid the tiny ripples of powder I dropped in one glass. In seconds they were both swept from the table, one in each hand.

“Just leave the tray and bring another, dude!” his brows furrowed as he glared at me.

“Sure thing.” I said, squinting at the man.

My eyes have been burning since the walk over here.

“He wasn’t going to get his second load of drinks anyway.” I thought turning from him to walk back towards the bar.

I heard coughing before I was even passed the dance floor. I walked behind the bar, clearing the doorway to the kitchens. Quickening my pace through the counters lined with food being prepared. Every single cook was staring at me, as they should be, since I wasn’t an employee.

Not my best casual escape recently. I raised my hand and gave them all a Vulcan Salute as I passed.

I reached the back door and burst through it taking in the smell of the city. It was better than the unforgiving smoke fog in the bar. The driver I scheduled was waiting for me so that was going as planned, at least. I swiftly got in the car and told the kid, assumed by the timid childlike face in front of me, where to go. He quickly kicked into action and the car jerked forward.

“It wasn’t that bad for a slow night.” I reassured myself excitingly.

It was true. I’ve earned some time on the couch with some video games. I’ll collect the money for this evening’s jobs at the designated drop offs later tonight.

The topic for this post’s flash fiction was the prompt via Daily Prompt: Dash

I saw the prompt and thought of the title first which expanded into this brief glimpse at a hitman who seems a little bored with the job. Be sure to leave your critique and flash fiction prompts for me in the comments.

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