The King’s Stroll

“What’s King Yuri doing strolling through this part of the markets?” the old maid asked.

“Probably here to buy the same flesh indulgences his lowest subjects do.” the younger black-haired woman said, pursing her lips in contempt.

She watched the King and his well-pressed suit wearing guard escort walk the dirt streets, kicking up dust as the crowd moved like water around them. It was hot and dry and way to packed in the Flesh Enclave which made it even more surprising that King Yuri was here.

Nobody liked him.

Hatred on the crowd’s faces was appearing as he and his goons walked passed pleasure house after pleasure house. People starved while he fucked what seemed like as many women as he could. The black-haired woman watched him still from the balcony as he strolled closer to her building. The woman and her husband own one of the houses though. They both paid for it together with money earned by death.

“Why can’t you or the man get a job from him,” the older woman questioned, “that would would hold you over for awhile, no?”

“We don’t go groveling for jobs,” she spat over the balcony not caring who was below, “even if it is a job from a king”

The older woman shifted uneasily.

The old woman was never got used to the killing that she knew paid for her home.

“I did not mean to upset, Madame Cataleen.” the old woman’s voice shook.

The younger Cataleen gazed upon the woman for moment, then placed her hand on the old woman’s shoulder.

“Mal, your opinions are not the source of my frustrations,” Cataleen’s gaze shifted back to the King, “this useless king of ours not using his money to help this city, that pisses me off. Why can’t someone pay me to kill him?”

Mal gasped, “Madame! He is coming here.”

“Pfft… figures,” Cataleen growled, “it will be hard to resist shooting him right in his smug face.”

She wanted to make him wait. She instructed her greeting girls to entice the King into a private room, the one she uses for meetings. They obeyed without hesitation. Cataleen glided her way to her room and secured her favorite flintlock under her red denim jacket.

“Not taking those chances.” she whispered to herself as she made her way to the King.

One of her girls was already in King Yuri’s arms. The King took in every bit of her unashamed while Cataleen blatantly watched him do it. She wondered what kind of silent death her love would gladly give the King for that. Then her mind shifted to how he would react to this meeting, his wife was having tea with the King and he didn’t even know about it. She sat opposite the King. They sat there with him staring at her continuously, she pictured herself vomiting.

She raised an eyebrow to him. He poured the tea.

“What can I do for my,” she paused, “King.”

He chuckled, “I have a job for my favorite killers. I need a piece of royalty killed.”

Cataleen eyed him carefully.

“The idiot.” she thought to herself.

She hitched a smirk onto her face.

“Leave it with the girls as you leave. You know I have to discuss this with my partner”

“Sure thing, Madame,” he flashed a greedy grin at her, “but I think I’ll have a taste of this one before I leave.”

She waved the girl away to take the King to a more private room.

“Pffft… royalty killings now. Mikey’s gonna be pissed.” she whispered to herself.

Cataleen noticed she still had her hand on her pistol.


The topic for this post’s flash fiction was the text…

His wife was having tea with the King and he didn’t even know about it.

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