The Alley

“Again?!” I scolded myself as I jerked awake, very late.

I rushed through the morning routine. Tripping as I attempted to apparently leap into my jeans. No time for coffee, no time for any sort of decent breakfast. I rushed out the front door grabbing my bike as I went.

Riding down these packed streets was fine, if you’re into that sort of masochism. I usually dealt with the daily colorful language while riding. My eyes were always looking up. Peering at the corners of buildings, the walls of the buildings, even looking at the undersides of bridges. I saw him once and never again. He was all over the Internet though so I kept riding in areas he’s been spotted.

Halfway to work.

Weaving myself around the cars and people, reaching a patch of empty street I always took because it was a brief moment of peace. I tilted my head from side to side, looking down the alleyways. Aside from the chain-link fences, trash bins, or the occasional person it was usually an empty alley that greeted me.

A flash of person’s bare white-skinned back. His arms and legs covered in something red and blue.

Was someone undressing in the alley?

“Was that… him!” I whispered to myself.

Wham! My gut slammed into the handlebars before I crumpled over the front of them. The back of the bike came up and around to hit me in the back of the head. I growled in anger and frustration. Could this day get in better?

I sat up and took in the aches and pains of my body. Nothing serious from the feelings I got. The bike was still in working order, the thing was a tank. Good thing too because this scene played out more times than I like to admit. I grabbed my bike and dashed across the street. Being this late for work, at this point, meant I didn’t care to take more time to investigate. I sprinted the last of the distance of sidewalk before the alleyway. Thwip…

There was a sound like something hitting the dumpster followed by another. Thwip!

I finally reached the alley and bolted around the corner and saw nothing. Peering all over the street and walls of the narrow path saw nothing out of the ordinary. I definitely saw someone down here. The dumpster was a few feet away. I lazily jogged over to it, looking behind it as I reached it. Still there was nothing but I decided to check the other side of the dumpster.

My jaw dropped as I gasped. There was what looked like a backpack stuck to the dumpster. I couldn’t make out clearly what it was. There was what looked very much like the stuff he swung around on. Feebly, I attempted to pry the stuff off but it wouldn’t budge. It stuck to my hand but not enough that I couldn’t rench my hand away.

This was his…

Deciding that when I was out of work there would be a return trip. I mounted my trusty bike and began my journey again, not sure if I wanted to even try telling someone all this.


The topic for this post’s flash fiction was SPIDER-MAN! The new Homecoming movie came out this week so my Friday night turned into an adventure. This post is late by TWO DAYS! I’ve realize that my time management skills on the weekend are HORRIBLE! I’ll still be getting out all the stories but this weekend’s writing will be behind. If you haven’t gone to watch Spider-man yet I highly recommend it! This post however is not for a Spider-man review.

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