Men were kneeling on the ground, some letting out faint whimpers. Echoing footsteps circled them in the shadows of the room.

“So,” the woman’s soft fierce voice pierced the silence,” who paid for you lot?”

She continued to encircle them, chuckling. One of the men scurried on his knees forward, he fell face first into the stone floor. Her chuckling became louder as she came to a stop, facing the man. The woman stepped forward into the light, crouched down to the man, and she stopped chuckling.

She cleared her throat, reached down and grabbed a handful of the man’s hair. The man’s head was jerked upward so he stared her right in the eyes. The woman let out another soft chuckle.

“Excuse me,” her voice quivered with insanity, “did you want to tell me something?”

The man’s head thudded against the stone floor again as she released his hair. She spit on his head, giggling. Struggling, the man sat upright to face her.

“You know we don’t know. The money and details came from a middle man,” the man spoke quickly as if expecting something terrible any second, “so get on with it if you’re just gonna kill us.”

Her laugh and smile vanished.

“Aww, I wanted to show you guys some of my magic,” she said frowning.

The man was chuckling now.

“You’re just some crazed, blood-lusting bitch. There was no magic when you overtook us.” the man began to laugh heartily.

The woman moved in an instant, the man never saw her. She thrust her rapier down the man’s still laughing mouth. His eyes bulged as blood cut off his laugh. The handle of her rapier glowed an orange-yellow. The burning glow rushed down the blade into the man’s gocking mouth.

He burst into flames which grew into a molten fire. The rest of the men looked on in utter horror. The burning man melted away in mere seconds. She laughed with glee, capering around the smoldering bits of flesh and bone.

“Shame none of the ones that die like that get to see the actual magic,” she said disappointedly.

The remaining men shook with fear, some of them even crying. She began to chuckle again.

“Oh come on, lighten up guys! I just wanna know who sent you. I promise to kill you quickly as a reward,” she said through a terrifying smile.

“It was me, Remina.” came a deep voice from the shadows.

The room fell silent except for the whimpering men. Remina’s handle glowed with fire again surging to the tip of her sword. A bright molten whip erupted from it, fire cracking off the whip itself. She spun to face the man and her whip followed her movement. The remaining men’s screams were cut off by the cracking of the weapon. As she came to face him the whip disappeared and her eyes narrowed.

“You know I hate that,” she said through gritted teeth.

The figure in the dark snorted.

“Fine, Remy. I need someone dead and you, well, you’re a sure thing. That and it’s him, so I figured you’d clear any other… engagements,” the figure said, never leaving the shadows.

Remy swiftly sheathed her rapier. She chuckled.


The topic for this post’s flash fiction is via the Daily Prompt: Caper.

Remina kind of came out of nowhere from this prompt. I just immediately started thinking up this crazed chick with badass magic. And who’s “him.”

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