Sweat seemed to be flowing over his skin, his breathing getting heavier with each shovel of soil. His mind was racing, unable to focus on a moment of memory for more than a second.


Petrified eyes.

Cracks and holes in the drywall.

Why did he try to act the tough guy. Why did he have to try to intimidate him.

“There’s nothing intimidating about me,” he grunted to himself with another heave of dirt over his shoulder.

He paused as he stared at the scene around him. The smirk he felt creep onto his face disgusted him.

“Well, maybe now I am,” he began attacking the dirt again.

It’s not like he can brag about what makes him intimidating though. His eyes shifted to the untouched dirt next to his descent into the Earth. Every little sound in the night made his heart jump. Somebody heard or saw, he thought as he threw more dirt behind him.

Pulling himself out of the now sizable hole, he wiped his brow with a forearm while gazing at his work. Was it deep enough, he wondered. With a mighty shove a figure was rolled into the pit. The sound of it hitting bottom made him wince. He tried to concentrate on his surroundings and not the gaping eyes staring up at him from below. Every load of dirt seemingly made him look directly into them.

“Why couldn’t you just let me alone!” he shouted at the face looking up at him before frantically covering it with more dirt.

When he was finished he couldn’t help but notice how damn suspicious this looked. There was obviously some type of digging that happened here. Hoping that nobody would think twice about fresh dug Earth in a graveyard, he began to run back up the hill, towards the town.

As he reached the top of the hill overlooking the graves he heard the faint sounds of sirens. He thought regret would wash over him, he merely chuckled and continued to run.


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