A Bullet


Chains bound to his wrists clinked as he shook with rage on his knees.

“All you need to do is give me the names,” another man said coolly as he peered through the scope of his rifle. Which was now purposely pointed out the smashed window.

He glanced up from the floor with icy-blue eyes, which seemed to glow.

“Just kill me, no need to be a coward,” the prisoner panted.

“Oh come on, Locklin!” the gunman shouted,”We know you have names, hell, you’ve probably got locations too.”

He racked the rifle and a shiny bullet popped upward out of the gun. The man sneered down at Locklin in the chains as he snatched the bullet out of the air, right next to his face. He held it up in front of him, pretending to use it to aim at Locklin.

“Do you see this? Do you know what this is?” he said, “I’m going to kill her with it. Right here, in front of you.”

Locklin gritted his teeth as he continued to stare at his captor. Consumed by anger at a situation he could not escape from. He thought of attempting to give false names or locations to spare time. He didn’t think this man would be so easily tricked. The captor seemed to have been waiting for him.

“Of course by now you’ve seen a bullet. However,” he said with a grin, “you haven’t seen this.”

He flicked the bullet into the air as he watched his captive.

“This bullet has fire itself inside and will certainly make a… explosive display,” he finished with a chuckle.

There was a tiny thud and then the ringing of metal clanking on the floor. He had flicked the bullet at Locklin’s forehead. He stifled his chuckling but continued to watch, waiting for cooperation from his captive.

“Fine, suit yourself,” he said shrugging.

He turned back to look out the window through the scope on his gun. Locklin’s stomach tightened as he saw the man’s mouth curved into a smirk.

“Ah, and there she is,” he said as his rifle began to move slowly, “last chance, Locklin.”

Anger was turning quickly into a terrible panic. Locklin wrenched at the chains as if he could rip them off the brick wall. The man didn’t show one bit of concern that he could escape. He could not bear to think of her dead. It was selfish and he knew it but he didn’t care. His head drooped and his gaze fell to the floor.

“Fine. I’ll give you a name for a life,” Locklin said through gritted teeth.

The gunman continued to smirk, his rifle still slowly moving on an unseen target. He chuckled and lifted his rifle. The sound of wood scraping against stone echoed through the room. He dragged a chair around to face Locklin, he sat down and stare for a moment at him.

“Well then, now we’re getting somewhere,” as he gestured for Locklin to speak.


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