Writer’s Block and Challenging Myself


Dreading sleep again.

Simply because it means being back at work again. I did find focus again in my writing this weekend though. Terrified, I went to a Meetup for local writers. I don’t know why I was nervous, social anxiety creeps up on ya sometimes. Everyone was super nice and each had their own style. Just being around fellow writers was nice. Nobody judged my style or how novice I am as a writer.

It was a jolt to me when my writing shuttered to a halt. Right when I felt like I was hitting a stride with the flash fiction. I don’t know why my ideas froze. I had no problem thinking up stories. Then for an entire week, I was just…blank. I didn’t want to force anything, even if I did set a challenge for myself. There is no point, in my opinion, of writing if there is no heart behind it. I didn’t want to feel like I was just writing to beat a deadline no matter how little thought was put into a story.

I have this overwhelming problem of putting a focus on too many things. Right now I’m currently trying to continue writing consistent flash fiction, work on my Wattpad project, prepare my blog for self-hosting (which includes redesigning), and getting some sort of email newsletter created that I don’t hate. Nothing like jumping into ALL THE POOLS, am I right?

All this might sound easy or typical for those that are veterans. I, however, am not confident in designing my new webpage, or the emails. I have to try my best though and I have been researching as much as possible. These things are all part of my bi-monthly goals for July and August. Actually, here’s the list again:

  • Finish design and launch self-hosted site
  • Finish/publish first two chapters of Wattpad project (more info on this coming soon!)
  • Complete one script for local short film
  • Decide on a release schedule for content
  • Write about July challenge and how it changed organically

Do I think I’ll get all that done? Well I’d like to think completing this is in the bag for me but there is always doubt. Time has seemingly been going supersonic lately, which has made it hard to focus. I’ve been getting better and even purposely created a space in my home for writing. A writing desk and a place for me to physically storyboard my Wattpad project.


It is daunting to even just imagine having a fulfilling story completed.

Rise and rise again.


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