I read somewhere that there are soulmates and life partners
Shit, most likely it’s just another Internet article
I clicked and read it anyway
Apparently, soul mates are basically just that,
souls that mate
You feel deep connections that neither can explain
They understand you like their own middle name
At first, I thought this just sounds like typical soulmate talk
Apparently, soulmates show up in our lives
And then they drive one another insane
Tear each other down
Break our souls on each other,
like Rock’em Sock’em Robots
My head popped off first in my fight, by the way
As I try to click my head back into place
I realize all my flaws and errors
Now I search for that PARTNER in life
Something that builds upon itself
As if both people invest in the infrastructure
per the Internet
That’s that ride or die kind of shit
and I’m a sucker for the Internet clickbait

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