This blog started as an idea to specifically share journal entries I’ve written that I decide to share. My idea has expanded into deeper realms of fiction and poetry.

I’ve always wanted to write more consistently but never really stuck it out. Whether my attention was being drawn in other directions or I simply was terrified to write. At this point in my life though I want to experience writing even if it scares me. Which, trust me, I am always fighting that fear when it comes to releasing anything. It always comes down to hating most of what I write. I know I have zero true background in writing that’s worth a damn. Why would anyone read my shit?

It doesn’t matter because the only way I’ll get better at writing is by consistently doing it. Whether that be journal entries, short stories or maybe someday an actual novel of some kind. Wouldn’t that be something, eh?img_20160930_091046

I simply love stories and trying to write them. If someone finds one of my stories entertaining I am ecstatic with satisfaction. That’s all I really want though, to have people read my words and be entertained. While I grow and learn more and more about writing and the world it challenges you with.

No matter what though thank you so much for giving me a chance. I’d love to hear what you think of everything you see on here. So make sure to comment, sign up to the email list, follow me where ever you can and interact with me. Can’t wait to hear from you all!

Thanks and sincerely,